How to Install

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Step 1:

Determine which ShowerSpring to Order

Step 2:

Place the ShowerSpring in Your Shower

Step 3:

Run Tubing Over the Shower Opening

Measure the distance from the shower floor to the top of the shower threshold.

Then add 2-1/2” to this measurement. The Shower Spring you order will need to be at least this height or taller. For example: If your shower threshold measures 4”, then

2-1/2” + 4” = 6-1/2”. A 6” Shower Spring would be to short; an 8” Shower Spring would be selected to assure maximum drain away of shower water.

Face the shower spring with the pipe facing either left or right based on the side of the shower opening you will be exiting with the drain-away pipe.

Connect a 90 degree elbow to the end of the gray flexible pipe using a bead of silicone to assure complete insertion into fitting. Slide the other end of the 90 over the pipe exiting the Shower Spring. (This fitting should not receive silicone so that the shower spring can be easily disconnected from the pipe for easy lift out if needed)

The drain-away pipe should rest in the corner of the shower opening. There are numerous fitting combinations included to achieve this if a simple 90 is not lining up with the door opening. It is important that the bottom of the pipe stub exiting the Shower Spring is at least one inch above the top of the shower threshold.

Step 4:

Drill a Hole to the Outside

Step 5:

Connect and Attach the Interior Pipe

Step 6:

Run Pipes to Your Outdoor Plants

Place a center point mark on the wall where the hole will be drilled. Determine that you will not be drilling into a wall stud. You will be drilling a 1-1/8” diameter. hole. Check to make sure the bottom side of the hole will be lower than the top of the threshold before drilling.

Unscrew the union and glue the side without the nut to the white rigid pipe. Slide the pipe through the wall.

Assemble the exterior vent assembly and cut off excess pipe. Extend the pipe to the ground. Glue a drip compression bushing(s) into the 90 or tee at the base of this drop down pipe.

Finnish connecting the interior pipe using fittings where needed. Attach the pipe to the wall with the self adhesive tie holders. Space the holders so as to avoid pipe sagging or approximately every 2 ft. Secure the reusable nylon ties around the pipe and through the slots in the tie holders and tighten.

The purple stripe drip pipe should be run as level as possible or with a down slope. Cut in tees and extend the pipe to the plants. Attach a Valve Emitter at the end of each pipe.

With all emitter valves open, turn the shower on and restrict the closest valves as needed to cause the desired water to flow at the end emitter valves. Attach the soil guard and place the discharge point below the mulch if subsurface discharge is required in your area.