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About Us


ShowerSpring is manufactured by Filtrific, a company committed to providing well-engineered conservation solutions for residential and commercial settings. For over 15 years Filtrific has produced high-quality water feature equipment aimed at reducing water evaporation and pump efficiency. In 2010 Filtrific released it’s line of Flotender Greyweater Irrigation Systems which provide effective greywater filtration and pressurization for drip irrigation systems. In an effort to bring greywater recycling to the masse.

In 2015 Filtrific introduced ShowerSpring in an effort to enable the do-it-yourself homeowner to install a greywater irrigation system at minimal cost and with no plumbing modification.

  • 13280 NE Spring Blvd, Bellevue WA 98005
  • (800) 906-0604 - 9 AM - 5 PM PST