During a 10 Minute Shower,* ShowerSpring Recycles Enough Water to Fill:

Recycling Grey Water Has Never Been Easier!

  • Water Your Landscape With Every Shower

    Every time you take a shower the water is diverted to your plants and trees automatically. Best of all, it takes no work on your part. Conservation has never been so easy!

  • No Re-Plumbing Required

    Want to recycle your shower water but would rather not re-plumb your home? We understand completely! With ShowerSpring grey water systems no re-plumbing is required.

  • Full Irrigation System Included

    ShowerSpring includes all the tubing, valves and fittings for your gravity fed irrigation system. Water multiple trees and plants with no extra parts required!

  • Simple Installation

    The ShowerSpring adapts to many existing shower and bathroom configurations and only requires a small tube to be run from the unit to your landscape outside.

  • New Construction

    The Shower Spring discharge can be plugged into a receiving socket placed within the shower wall. Pipe can then be run within the bathroom walls or directly out the back to the landscape.

  • Simple or Advanced

    ShowerSpring on it’s own is a simple gravity-flow grey water irrigation system. If a more advanced grey water system is desired (pumping, multiple irrigation zones etc.) it can be easily adapted to suit any landscape.